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Basic Information

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Thai Taxi Service is only for your Private Journey.

(No Sharing with other customers)

Using Service : means User agreed to >> Terms & Conditions

Price (Thai Baht) : Per direct & one way.

Fare from A - to B, Door to Door

Fixed price by booking.

(No using a Meter Machine)



Basically to the driver with Thai Cash

Included : Driver, Car, Gas, Taxes, Toll

>> Bangkok Toll Conditions

Points to Note for your safe journey

* 1 Seat-belt, for 1 Person

* Please fasten your seat belt on riding even without driver's information. 

* During Fill up Gas (CNG, LPG) : Please wait outside car for safety

* No Smoking & No Alcoholic drinks in the vehicle 

Any car condition

The bigger type of vehicle could be provided without a notifying depend on the driver & road situation (No added charge)

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Closed: Up to Thai Calendar

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