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1, Use "Booking Form" in this page

2, or Use "Line" (Recommend)

Special Price for Members
  1. Booking by LINE

  2. Bell-Man Premium Membership

     >> Bell-Man

Booking by LINE
Download "Line" app
  • Click >> "LINE"

  • or search Line ID : @bell-man

  • or Scan Bell-Man QR code 

  • Add as Friend & tap "Chat"

  • Tap "Price & Booking"

Bell-Man QR code
Why Booking by Line
  • Special Member Price

  • You can know driver info at near pick up time

  • Chatting for Easy Meeting

  • Chatting: Translated Language 
    Hassle-free travel

Booking Procedure
  1. Send your info

  2. Get your Price 

  3. Re-Send your O.K message

  4. Get your Booking Code

  5. Pick-up



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