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Taxi Bangkok Airport




Easy choice of Car type and the safe Taxi Bangkok Airport with top Economy Rate

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Limit Number of Passenger

Please try to keep

"One Seat-belt, Per person"

It's for you & your family's safe trip.

Baby-Seat : go to Q & A 1 page

Any Car Condition

Your driver or his agent may serve for you with a bigger type vehicle without any notifying in advance depend on the road or other situation - No add charge

Baggage Size

Big Size : Approx Size 

Inch 14" x 20" x 30" 

Height (cm)  75 ~ 85 cm

Small Size : Approx Size

Inch  9" x 14" x 19" 

Height (cm)  55 cm

Sedan Car

Toyota Camry Level 

Limit 3 Passengers

1 Big + 2 Small Baggage

Family Car

Toyota INNOVA Level 

Limit 4 Passengers

2 Big + 2 Small Baggage

Minibus (Van)

Toyota Commuter, Hi Ace, Ventury Level 

Limit Condition : 7-8 passengers, 

4 big + 4 small luggage, 

Total weight of all passengers & Luggage : Should be less than 1000 Kg.

* 3 seats in Front of Minibus : it's not for the customer.

Choose your Car type for Economy rate and your safe journey - Thai call Taxi