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Airport Meeting

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Airport Meeting Place info of Bangkok Airport Taxi for Easy Meeting in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport -


Basic Information

  • Pick up floor :  the same floor with Baggage claim

  • If go out to street side, you can see a suitable place for driver to pick you up

Approximate time (Duration)

From Landing - Till Meeting

  • Normal : No need a Visa, take  30 - 50 min 

  • Need a Visa on Arrival : take  60 - 90 min

  • Domestic flight, take 15 min - 30 min

Pick up at Thai Airport

  • Your driver will stand-by at Airport parking area. 

  • Please chat with your driver after Landing

  • eg, 'I just arrived',  'I am waiting my baggage now',  'I am in front of Gate 3' 

  • Note : Your driver can pick you up only in front of any gate, so please wait there before driver's arrival. If driver arrive there before you, driver should turn around once again (take another 10 min)

Driver needs 10 min

from Airport Parking Zone - to Pick up Gate

It takes 5 - 10 min

Thai call Taxi Airport pick up by Bell-Man

Meeting Service

@BKK / DMK / Other Airport

Basic Information

  • Airport Meeting Staff will show your Name-Board

  • Meeting Hall Floor : the same floor with Baggage claim

  • Please go to Last Exit Gate to find your name-board (driver will inform you the Gate No. by chatting)

Airport Meeting Service Team

  • Service fee : 100B (3$ US)

  • Payment : to your driver 

  • If you order it by chatting, driver will book for you.

Recommended to

  • First-time visitor to Thailand

  • Senior Customers

  • Booking for others

  • Travel Agents

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Thai call Taxi airport meeting by Bell-Man
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