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Tips for Smooth Immigration at Bangkok Airport Upon Arrival

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Basic information for first-time visitors to Thailand, Ultimate Guide You Need to Know about Bangkok Airport

Bangkok Airport

Full name: Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport

Simple name - BKK (IATA Airport Code)

Meaning of Suvarnabhumi: Sanskrit for "Land of Gold"

Location: 999 Nong Prue, Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan 10540

Area: 3,240 ha (32.4 ㎢ or 8,000 acres)

New Bangkok Airport Additional Terminal

Satellite terminal (SAT-1)

A new satellite passenger concourse called SAT-1 soft-opened in September 2023 and is expected to fully open from early 2024.

Immigration (Passport Control Desk)

Here are some things travelers need to know to get through Bangkok Airport Immigration

  1. The name on your passport should match the name on your flight ticket.

  2. Officers might ask additional questions, such as about your passport information and the purpose of your travel.

  3. Please provide accurate answers to these inquiries.

  4. Maintain a calm and polite demeanor and follow the instructions of the officers.

Some Quick "Q&A" Guidelines

Basic English to answer to immigration officials

1. Purpose of travel:

Question: “What is the purpose of your visit?”

Answer: “I came here for sightseeing.”

2. Accommodation Plan:

Question: “Where are you staying and for how long?”

Answer: “I plan to stay at the hotel for 10 days.”

3. Appropriate attitude & Calm demeanor:

Remain calm and collected during the examination.

Try to participate smoothly in the conversation without being overly nervous.

4. Polite manner:

Be courteous when interacting with immigration officials.

Answer clearly “yes” or “no” and answer the officer’s questions honestly.

5. Avoid unnecessary actions:

Please remain courteous and discreet to ensure a smooth examination.


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