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Price to stop by some place on the way

To stop by on the way (Break time, Shopping, Short Sightseeing,...) 

Our basic services is for direct door to door, but if you want to stop by some place on the way, we need your simple plan, you should book it at Message field in Booking Form 

1, stop by Gas station on the way 
around 20 min / Toilet, 7-Eleven, Fast-food (no charge)

2, stop by Mart on the way (it should be along the main road)
* Big C, Tesco Lotus to buy something before arrival at hotel

  Outlet Mall, Restaurant, Market along the main road 
less than 20 min : No charge,  in 45 min : +100 B, in 90 min : +200 B

3, stop by tour place (entrance or ticket fee : not Included)
It should be on the way, driver will wait at parking lot 

* Pattaya area : Tiger Zoo, Khao Kieow, Mini Siam 
* Cha Am area : Santorini Park & others 
   add charge : + 500 B (per place), 2 hrs 

* Pattaya Nong Nooch,  Hua Hin Vineyard  (per place)

   add charge : + 800 B, 2 hrs

* Floating marketDamnoen Saduak (on the way to Hua Hin or Bangkok)
   add charge : + 800 B, 2 hrs Limit  (included Railway Market : +1000 B, 3 hrs)

4, Rent price : Please visit our price page for Rent service