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Getting from Bangkok to Hua Hin, all area for your safe & cheap private car
Bangkok to Hua Hin & for all other course, Once, try to use thaicalltaxi


About Booking

Time to Book
You can book anytime for 24 hours  

Available & suitable booking time for us to confirm :

The Best time : 3 ~ 5 days before

Very good : 1 ~ 2 days before

Welcome time : 12 hrs before

Not bad time : 6 hrs before

not sure time : 3 hrs before

If your pick up date is over than 1 Month later form today : please book later.


Urgent Booking   

Please don't book by calling, it's not perfect to confirm, send text message
Use App +66 89 011 7504 / WhatsApp, sms, Messenger, Line 

Booking code : It's our final confirmation

Incorrect price from wrong customer's info & incorrect price confirmation from operator's fault : 

All Payment is up to the real course : real place to pick up & real place to drop off,

All correct price is up to our site - price page only.

(it doesn't matter with our confirmation with lower or higher price,

and, also doesn't matter with the customer's incorrect info)

Our Booking Center & Driver Service time 
Thai call Taxi booking center is serving at anytime except these terms below
No Service time (Operator & Driver)
Daily : around from 00:00 am  ~ until 04:00 am (pick up time) 
New Year's season (Depend on some heavy traffic jam area, course & date - No service) : Songklan Festival Season & from 29th, Dec ~ till 3rd, Jan

Price conditions 

* Price - Thai Baht, for one direct way,   Reverse (Return) way - same Price

* Payment - to your driver, Thai cash

* No D.C price for round trips

Included - driver, car (vehicle), fuel, taxes, Airport Meeting service and parking, Chonburi Motorway toll fee 

Excluded - Driver tip (depend on you), Don Muang tollway (option 70 B) 

Expressway & Toll Fee
Here, we clear all Toll Fee to avoid any misunderstanding each other.

A, when Included ?

It's included except Exclusive conditions below. 

B, when Not Included ?

Although toll fee is not included, the course price is same - No deduction

1, pick up time from 11 pm ~ to 6 am

2, When there is no near Toll-gate


Prakanong, Thong Lo - BKK Airport,

Pratrunam, Rachathewi - DMK airport

3, When it's not easy for driver to  access a tollgate by any road situation - Traffic Jam, one-way road, or under the police's control,... 

4, Don Muang (DMK) Toll way - always not Included

- This toll is optional (70 B)

The normal road also is the Non-stop, No-Signal fast free-way, but you can let your driver use it with 70 B.

Service area - Standard

* BKK Airport - Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport & near hotel

< Bangkok city - A zone, B zone, C zone >

* Bangkok city A : Major downtown

Sukhumvit, Sathorn, Silom, Pratunam, Pratumwan, Rachathewi, Petburi, Rama 1, 4, 9 Rd, Huai Khwang, Prakanong, On Nut, Watthana, Ramkamhaeng, Riverside hotel (East), Chinatown, Khao San, 

* Bangkok city B : Bangkok A + 100 B 

Riverside hotel (West), Jatuchak, Central Plaza Latprao,  Montien Riverside area, ...

* Bangkok city C  : 

All out-skirt area in Bangkok, No fixed Price / depend on your deal with the driver

* DMK Airport - Bangkok Don Muang area

* Pattaya A : Pattaya city & Jomtien

* Pattaya B : from Na Jomtien soi 1 ~ till Ocean Marina area /  ex) Pinnacle resort : Pattaya A price +100 B

* Pattaya C : around Sea Sand Sun resort area /  Pattaya A price + 200 B

* Pattaya D : Bang Sare area / Pattaya A price + 300 B

* Pattaya E : All area Beyond Pattaya D area / depend on your deal with the driver

* Pattaya S : 

  Chon Buri (near main road on the way to Pattaya) or Bang Saen area : Pattaya A price + 200 B 

  It's nearer than Pattaya form Bangkok, but, higher price than Pattaya, as there are no customers to/from Bangkok.

* Hua Hin A : Hua Hin & Cha Am city / Maximum Black Mountain, Lotuswell resort, Hyatt Regency, Ending Line - Hua Hin soi 97 (East side) & 122 (West side)

* Hua Hin B : Evason area, Sheraton Pranburi, Aleenta / Hua Hin A price + 200

* Hua Hin C : Sam Roi yot area, Dolphin Bay Resort / Hua Hin A price + 1000 B

* Rayong A : Ban Phe ferry pier for Ko Samet, Rayong city & Mae Ramphoeng beach, 

* Rayong B : Rayong Novotel, Marriott area : Rayong A price + 200

* Rayong C : Q Centara Grand area : Rayong A price + 300 B

Duration hour

Included - Light traffic Jam, & short break time at the Gas station. 

Please, book us with your enough  spare time, we are not responsible for your any boarding time to transit.

Toll Fee info 

* Don Muang Tollway - Always, this toll is not included (optional - 70 B)

* Motorway (Chonburi) - Toll for Pattaya & Rayong (60 B)

* Expressway (in Bangkok) - up to area (0 B ~ 75 B)

Duration (Hour), Toll Fee (Baht)

Approx : This info may be different a little depend on start or drop off point

BKK Airport - Bangkok A  (1) (0~75)

BKK Airport - DMK Airport  (1) (75)

BKK Airport - Pattaya  (2) (60)

BKK Airport - Hua Hin (4) (40~75)

BKK Airport - Ban Phe (3) (60)

Bangkok A - Pattaya (3) (60~135)

Bangkok A - Ban Phe (4) (60~135)

Bangkok A - Hua Hin (4) (40~75)

DMK Airport - Bangkok A (1) (0~75)

DMK Airport - Pattaya city (3) (135)

DMK Airport - Hua Hin (4) (50)

DMK Airport - Ban Phe (4) (135)

Stop by some place on the way 

(Break time, Shopping, Short Sightseeing,...) 

Our basic services is for direct door to door

1, stop by Gas station on the way 
around 20 min / Toilet, 7-Eleven, Fast-food (no charge)

2, stop by Mart on the way (it should be along the main road)
* Big C, Tesco Lotus to buy something before arrival at hotel
   less than 20 min - No charge,  30 min ~ limit 1 hr : +100 B 
* Outlet Mall, Restaurant, Market along the main road 
   +200 B per hr 

3, stop by tour place (entrance or ticket fee : not Included)
It should be on the way, driver will wait at parking lot 

* Pattaya area : Tiger Zoo, Khao Kieow, Mini Siam 
* Cha Am area : Santorini Park & others 
   add charge : + 500 B (per place), 2 hrs Limit (per place) 
* Pattaya Nong Nooch,  Hua Hin Vineyard
   add charge : + 800 B, 2 hrs

* Floating market : Damnoen Saduak (on the way to Hua Hin or Bangkok)
   add charge : + 800 B, 2 hrs Limit  (included Railway Market : +1000 B, 3 hrs)

Duration from landing to driver's meeting (approx) 

- This info is small matter, but very important for your safe trip. Please help to put your correct info. 
- Airport Meeting place - Please visit & note our Airport Meeting page 

* No need arrival Visa - 30 ~ 50 min / Normal 
* Need Arrival Visa - around 90 min
* Domestic flight - 15 min

This time means your driver or the meeting staff's start time to show your name-board at meeting place. almost drivers are trying to wait for 1 hr at meeting place - following to your booking info. 

If you need a Visa on Arrival, you must notice us correctly & should select this on booking form. Otherwise, your driver can prepares too early for your normal arrival, long waiting make him very tired and sleepy, it's not safe for your trip. Although you had informed us about arrival Visa, if you take a time more than 2 hrs after landing, you should contact & let us know you need more time. If you don't do any action to us, your driver cannot know your situation - what's going on with you inside at immigration & customs section & baggage claim zone. So, your driver may consider you didn't come to Thailand or it's a fake booking. If your driver gave up to wait more, after that, even if you contacted us later, it's too late & not easy for us to arrange a vehicle again. maybe No car available on that time.


Driver's English
Very sorry, it's Basic poor level, we don't show up to attract your  attention with pumping up. But, no problem to transfer you to your place

Driver's info in advance

We cannot know your driver's info in advance till 2 hrs before pick up time, please use our urgent No. +66 89 011 7504  

Tipping for driver 
It's not on our rate, it's depend on you, if you & your family are safe & happy from your driver's good services, your small tipping will make him feel some fruitful life

ANY CAR Condition (No added charge)

1, Booking Sedan, we may provide Family or Minibus

2, Booking Family car, we may provide Minibus

Your booking means you agreed to this condition

Changing time & Cancellation 
If your plan is changed or cancelled, please, let us know it as soon as possible before driver's leaving for your place.
Flight Delayed
We also can know it, if it delay more than 3 hrs, you should contact us 
Traffic Jam
Book us with your enough spare time. Specially, rush hour, return way to Bangkok on the last date of holidays, consider of the extra time. We are not responsible for any your boarding time to transit
We suggest for you to use your own seat, very sorry we don't serve a baby-seat by reason of sanitation. But all seat-belts are set up on each seat

Lost & Found

Please, check up your belongings again and again before leaving, 

all drivers will do their best to return any item left in the vehicle but we cannot be held responsible for it. 

You should contact us promptly as your driver have to pick up another client continuously.
* In this case, we will give you driver's tel No., and then, let your hotel staff call him for easy understanding by Thai Language.

If driver found yours & he is at near your area, will go back to you : 100 B, his location is far 10~20 km : 200 B
If he found it, but already met another customer, he can return it to you at BKK airport only (you should come to BKK airport) : charge 200 B
If he have a customer to go to your hotel area, also, he will return it at your place : charge 200 B
If you want to let him return it at your time & to your place, it's charge will be same price from BKK airport to your place. 

It should be received from your driver only when you pay for your course.
all payment - to your driver directly by Thai Cash only at your each course destination. 
Because all your payment is your driver's or his agent's income, not our Booking service Team's income.
Our Booking Service Team - we don't receive any money or payment from any customers. And we don't have any payment system via Credit card & online. So, we don't send an invoice or receipt to you by e-mail & other methods.
Our service is only getting your booking request & send your booking code instead of the several transfer agents, and each agent's invoice & receipt form is not same depend on their own business license.
other info  

Usually, like any airport, there are some bad persons in airport meeting hall. Just ask him about your booking code to verify your driver. When your plan is changed, let us know it asap. If you don't come to see your driver without any notice in advance, he lose too much, also lose another connected job, so, no job on that day. It means you hurt someone who is willing to accomplish his duty as a father. If someone book us just for fun by reason of nothing to pay in advance, whoever he is, it's not right. We keep his history.  

According to increasing orders, Thai call Taxi provides only booking service for taxi & van transfer throughout Thailand so we are not a transport operator from 1st, Jan, 2016. Any response of vehicle & driver belongs to the transport agents or each driver's united team or driver itself or vehicle's owner. Thai call taxi cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss caused by theft, fire, accident, or any other cause whatsoever, and cannot be held responsible should any vehicle be involved in an accident.  
As you know about our booking system, all bookings are based on the customer & the driver's trust each other (driver will come on time & customer will be at meeting place). We accept the customers don't need any prepayment to us, you can cancel or break your booking without any notifying, same reason to the driver's side, the driver is not responsible for his late & pick up failure. Because there are so many unexpected road situation.
* Smoking & any alcoholic drinks in the vehicles is not permitted by law.
Your bookings (via this site, Email, Any App, sms or all others,...) mean you agreed to our all conditions on our site.

Thank you.

Urgent Booking 

WhatsApp or sms Messanger
+66 89 011 7504 
Line : ID, thaicalltaxi

Booking by calling is not perfect to confirm.