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Booking Procedure (Booking Team's duty)

1, Book on our site 
2, Open your e-mail (also *Spam), we already mailed you
3, Check up & Change your any info if you want
4, Re-Send us with your O.K message
5, We send Your Booking Code, it's our last Confirmation mail. 
Meeting & Transfer Procedure (Driver or his Agent's duty)
1, Important info - Your Messenger App info, ID & Mobile No.
    (WhatsApp, Line, Viber, WeChat, Tel for Messenger or SMS,...)
2, Your Driver (or his Agent) will send a message
    (at around 20 min or earlier before Meeting time)
3, If you have any Thai Mobile No., it will be the best. Let any Thai person talk with your driver for easy understanding about driver's live situation.
4, When your driver cannot contact you, he will wait at your Meeting place.
Customer's everage Duration for Airport Meeting

(From Landing ~ Till Meeting)
* Normal : No need a Visa after Landing 
   take time around 30 ~ 50 min (Almost customers)
* Need a Visa on Arrival (after Landing at Bangkok)
   take time around 90 min
* Domestic flight (from Phuket, Chang Mai, ...)  
   take time around 15 min ~ 30 min
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Please remind You & Driver's waiting time 

1, Hope your Room No. or House No. (If have) : for easy Parking
2, Hope Your Messenger App for chatting, or Thai Mobile No. will be the best

  < Customer's Late >  

1, Pick up time : If you need time more to start at meeting place,
    please just ask your driver, he can wait 30 min more (No charge)

2, If you don't start after 30 min : Your booking will be invalid automatically
    In this case, please discuss with your driver if you need time more.
 * If he can wait one more 30 min again : charge, 100 B (driver cannot ask more)
    Pick up time + waiting 30 Min (No charge) + 30 Min (100 B)

    < Driver's Late >      
1, Please, check up each Course Duration carefully,
    and book us your pickup time with enough spare time. 

    We cannot be held responsible for any customer's boarding time to transit

2, If your driver's arrival is late more than 15 min,
    this booking will be cancelled automatically without the customer's notice.
    Driver also knows it, so to wait more, it's depend on his customer's choice.

3, If you booked Pickup time without enough spare time,
    and you worry about the boarding time to transit (ex, to Airport, Pier), 
    and when your driver didn't arrive at your place on time sharply,
    please, find & take any other urgent taxi around you immediately.
    you can ignore your driver's message "I am comming, near hotel now"