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Basic Info for Booking

Service Hour
Driver : 24 hrs, 7 days / week
Booking Service Center : 09.00 am ~ 22.00 pm
Head office : Mon ~ Fri, 09:00 am ~ 16.00 pm
                     Day Off : Up to Thailand Government Calendar 

No Service date   
1, During New Year season (29, Dec ~ 3, Jan) : Heavy Traffic Jam Area 
2, During Songkran Festival Season  (10th ~ 19th, April) : Heavy Traffic Jam Area 
3, Other special date or area

Booking : use our Booking Form only
Booking Time : 24 hrs, 7 days / week

Good time to book
Comfort time : 8 ~ 30 days before (pick up date)
The Best time : 2 ~ 7 days before 
Good time : 1 day before 
Not bad time : 12 hrs before 
Not sure time : 
Pick up Now ~ 6 hrs before // This is only depend on the driver & road situation
Once, try to book. And when we receive your o.k reply, we will try to find a available driver asap. Almost we don't send your booking code to you, but if we can find any driver around your place, he will send his text message to your App directly. When you & the driver are o.k each other, your booking will be done.

After 1 Month : If your pick up date is over 1 Month later, please book later

Your Booking Code : It's our last confirmation. If you don't have it, your booking is not finished, yet.

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Price Condition

* Price 

   Thai Baht only, one direct way, per car (vehicle) // Reverse (return way) - Same price 

* Payment 

   to the driver directly at your destination (Thai cash), or via online (after we have the online system)

* Real Payment 

   Whatever the customer's info was incorrect or although our operator confirmed the higher or lower price,

all customer's payment should be up to real course : From real pickup place ~ To real place to drop off. 

   Standard Price - Our site

ANY CAR Condition (No added charge)

1, Booking Sedan, we may provide Family or Minibus

2, Booking Family car, we may provide Minibus

Changing pick up time & Cancellation 
If your plan is changed or cancelled, please, let us know it as soon as possible before driver's leaving for your place.
Late Cancellation
If your driver already had arrived & waiting for you at your place (not Airport) when you cancel your booking, please share a little with him for his time & expense : 100 B at least
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Changes by the Supplier & Urgent 
The Supplier (your driver or driver's agent who already got a job order & already had contacted to your App) will use all reasonable effort to provide your vehicle on time, however the driver could not be reached to your place on time, or the driver or The Supplier may need to arrange an alternative vehicle urgently for operational or safety reasons. But, in rare instances, in spite of The Supplier's effort, when any driver cannot reach to your place on the customer's pick up time, or the customer cannot wait more the driver's arrival time, it's a serious urgent situation. The customer should find & take any other urgent transfer near the customer & around, specially to avoid missing any boarding time to transit (We are not responsible for arrival time to your destination & boarding time to transit). Please, note the Traffic Jam in Bangkok is very serious level (always Top 1, 2 or 3 of the world). So, book us with your enough time. When pick up time is near, keep your chatting with driver. if the driver's message is "he cannot move or cannot go ahead on the road", the customer have to find any urgent transfer near his / her around. 
In such circumstances, if you paid online, you will receive a 100% refund (which will be paid within 30 days)
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Flight Delayed
We also can know it, if it delay more than 3 hrs, you should contact & reconfirm us about your all info   
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Traffic Jam
Book us with your enough spare time. Specially, rush hour, return way to Bangkok on the last date of holidays, consider of the extra time. We are not responsible for any your boarding time to transit
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Each country has different rules and regulations regarding the use of baby and child seats.
We suggest for you to use your own seat, please provide your own. 
we don't serve a baby-seat by reason of sanitation. But all seat-belts are set up on each seat
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Lost & Found

Please, check up your belongings again and again before leaving, 

all drivers will do their best to return any item left in the vehicle but we cannot be held responsible for it.

You should contact us promptly as your driver have to pick up another client continuously.
* In this case, we will give you driver's tel No., and then, let your hotel staff call him for easy understanding by Thai Language.

If driver found yours & he is at near your area, will go back to you : 100 B, his location is far 10~20 km : 200 B
If he found it, but already met another customer, he can return it to you at BKK airport only (you should come to BKK airport) : charge 200 B
If he have a customer to go to your hotel area, also, he will return it at your place : charge 200 B
If you want to let him return it at your time & to your place, it's charge will be same price from BKK airport to your place. 

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It should be received from your driver only when you pay for your real course.
all payment - to your driver directly by Thai Cash only at your each course destination. 
Our service is only getting your booking request & send your booking code instead of the several transfer agents, and Each agent's invoice & receipt form is not same depend on their own business license.
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Other info  

Usually, like any airport, there are some bad persons in airport meeting hall. Just ask him your booking code to verify your real driver. When your plan is changed, let us know it asap. If you don't come to see your driver without any notice in advance, he lose too much, also lose another connected job, so, no job on that day. It means you hurt someone who is willing to accomplish his duty as a father. If someone book us just for fun by reason of nothing to pay in advance, whoever he is, it's not right. We keep his history.